17 JANUARY 1852, Page 2

A new Governor has been sent to South Africa :

whether he is instructed or permitted to adopt a new policy, remains to be seen. Major-General Cathcart succeeds to all the offices held by Sir Harry Smith ; but a Lieutenant-Governor, it is said, will reside at Cape Town, until the termination of the Caffre war shall leave the new Governor at liberty to attend to civil affairs. Sir Harry Smith's incapacity has been proved; General Cathcart, though he has had considerable experience in European tactics, is untried either as a civil administrator or in the desultory partisan warfare of savages. Besides, the same beaureancratic officials who have hitherto countenanced and supported the incompetent Governor of the Cape, retain their old powers of mischief, and have given no signs of having seen the error of their ways. It would be premature to infer that a better sera for our South African possessions has commenced.