17 JANUARY 1863, Page 24


Wordsworth's Poems for the Young (Strahan and Co.)—Letters on the Philosophy of the Human Brain, by Samuel Bailey (Longman..)- —The Weakness of the Amencan Government (Houlston and Wright.)—Kinder Garter), by Jane Mill (Darton and Hodge.)—Memoir of H.R.H. the Princess Alexandra (Simpkin and Marahall.)—The Invasion of the Crimea, by A. W. Kiuglake (Blackwood and Sons.)—Every Man's Own Lawyer, by a Barrister (Lockwood and Co.)—Latin Prose Exercises, by the Rev. Henry Musgrove Wilkins, M.A. (Longmens.)—Christiaulty and its Evidences, by John Mac. naught, M.A. (Longmans.)--lioba Di Boum, by William W. Story (Chapman and Hall.) —Cups and their Customs, (Juo. Van VoorsX)—Tales and Sketcher., by Hugh Miller (A. and O. Black, Edinburgh.)—The Discoveries of the World, by Antonio Galvano (Haklu)t Society.)—Holiday House, by Catherine Sinclair (Houlston and Wright.)—Lawrence Struilby ; or, Twenty-five Years of British Life, by the Rev. John Graham (Longmans.)—Life of General Sir Robert Wilson. by the Rev. Herbert Ran- dolph (Murray.)—Bishop Colenso on the Pentateuch, by G. S. Drew., M.A. (Bell and Daldy.)—The Story of Queen Isabel (Bell and Daldy.)—Miscellames, by the Earl Stanhope (Murray.)—The Schoolmaster, by Robert Aschem, edited by John E. B. Mayor, M.A. (Bell and Dally.)—Turner's Liter Studiorum (Hogarth.)—Engravings of Unpublished or Bare Greek Coins, by Lieutenant-General C. It. Fox (Bell and. Daldy.)