17 JANUARY 1964, Page 15

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Sta,—John and Roy Boulting's interesting and amusing article on British Lion contains one mis- statement of fact which I am sure they will be willing to correct.

'The £3 million pumped into British Liiin was sunk without trace.' Sunk? Yes. Without trace? Certainly not. Some nice flotsam was picked up by the present company, which took over the films of the liquidated British Lion Film Corporation Ltd. and put them in its balance sheet at £1. Can the Boultings say what has since been the income from these old films? It is certainly to be counted in hundreds of thousands.

. I ought perhaps to disclose that, as the managing director of the NFFC when the original loan was made, 1 am not disinterested in seeking to prevent anyone exaggerating the badness of that loan.

Pa Bathurst Street, W2