17 JULY 1830, Page 11



On the 12th instant, in Old Burlington Street, the lady of Sir WILLIAM HEATH.

COTE, Bart. M.P. of a son. At Melbourne, in the county of Derby, the lady of the Rev. 3. A. STE W.ART, of a


On the 11th instant, at Birdhurst, Croydon, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel JAMES

Torn, of a son.

On the 711; just. at Ayr, Lady HUNTER BLAIR., of a daughter. On the 10th inst. at Polkernmet, the Lady of Sir WILLIAM BAILLIE, Bart. of a


On the 7th inst. at Wells, the Lady of Sir WILLIAM F. ELIOTT, of Stobs and

Wells. Bart. of a son.

On the 4th inst. at Iaverkeithing, Mrs. WILLIAM Maxima SY, of twin sons.


On the 8th inst. at Stoke Church, Devonpori, Anwar, the second son of the late Lieutenant-General John Cuppage, to FRANCES, daughter of the late Colonel Haldane.

On the 12th inst. by special license, at the house of John Giffard, Esq. Portman Square, Sir Sonar HAYFORD Trionot In of Syston Park, in the county of Lincoln, Bart. to MARY ANN, relict of John Dalton, jun. of the county of Lancaster, Esq. On the 12th inst. at St. Mary's Church, Bryanston Square, JOHN FRANCIS VAUGHAN, Esq. eldest son of William Vaughan, of Courtfield, Monmouthshire, Esq. to LOUISA ELIZABETH ROLLS, youngest daughter of John Rol.s, Esq. of Bryanston Square ; the ceremony, according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, having been performed the same morning by the Rev. Edward Scott. On the Sth inst. at Worthambury, in the county of Flint, DIOBY CAYLE v, Esq. only son of Sir George Cayley, of Brompton, in the county of York, Bart_ to DOROTHY, second daughter of the late Rev. George Allanson, of Ripon and Mid- dleton, in the county of York, and of Broughton Hall, Flintshire. On the 7th inst. at Edinburgh, JOHN JAMES ERSKINE, Esq. of Clathick, late of the Hon. East India Company's Civil Service at Penang, to ISABELLA, eldest daugh- ter of William Boyd, Esq. On the 13th inst. at St. George's, Hanover Square, GEORGE EnmuND Ntrostrr, Esq. of the Grenadier Guards, eldest son of General Sir George Nugent, Bart. M.P. to MARIA CHARLOTTE, second daughter of N. W. Ridley Colborne, Esq. M.P. of West Harting, Norfolk. On the 13th inst. JOHN GARDINER, Esq. Captain 5th Dragoon Guards, to ELIZA, relict of Andrew Hamilton, Esq. of Teddington. On the 8th inst. at St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Rev. Lord John Thynne, Lord EDWARD TuYNNE, son of the Marquis of Bath, to ELIZABETH, eldest daugh- ter of William Mellish, Esq. of Woodford, Essex.


On the 9th instant, at Longdon, near Litchfield, the Right Rev. WILLIAM HENRY MAJENDIE, D.D. Lord Bishop of Bangor, in his 76th year. On the 7th instant, HARRIETT, Lady SEIPWITH, wife of Sir Gray Skipwith, Bart. of Alveston, Warwickshire. On the 10th instant, at Torquay, Devon, TnonAs SANDFORD LANE, eldest son of the Rev. Charles Lane, and eldest grandson of the late Right Rev. Bishop Sand- ford, of Edinburgh, in his 12th year. On the 7th inst. at Durham, the lady of Lieutenant-General SIDDONS, sister to Sir Robert Eden, Bart. On the 12th inst. in Nottingham Place, JANE, third daughter of the late Rev. J. P. Bannerman. On the 9th inst. at Woolwich, Mrs. CHAMBERS WHITE, wife of Commodore White, and eldest daughter of the late General Sir Flew Dalrymple. On the 9th inst. at Littlecott, Wilts, Doncrray, the eldest daughter of Lieutenant.. General Popham, in her 19th year. On the 6th inst. in Davies Street, Berkeley Square, Mr. MICHAEL MEADS, and on the Stb, his eldest son. On the 3rd inst. at Garscube, Joan CAMPBELL, younger, of Succoth, Esq. M.P. for the county of Dumbarton. On the 3rd inst. at Ostend, LOUISA ISABELLA, daughter of Sir Evan Moray MacGregor, of MacGregor, Bart.