17 JULY 1830, Page 11


Arrived.—At Gravesend, July 10, Calypso, Hutchinson, from the Cape. In the Downs, July 15, H. C. S. Hythe, Arbuthnot, from China. Off Portsmouth, July 15th, Waterloo, Addison, from Bengal. At Cowes, July 12th, North Briton, Morrison, from Singapore for Rotterdam. At St. Helena, May 24th, Acquilla, Taylor, from the Cape, and Elizabeth, Currie, from the Mauritius. 25th, Porcupine, Laing, from the Cape ; and Ellen, Camper, from Mauritius. 29th, IL C. Extra Ship, Mangles, Carr, from China for Halifax.

Sailed.—From Gravesend, July 13, Integrity, Ord, for the Cape ; and Dryade, Heard, for New South \Vales. 15th, A. 1, Keen, for St. Helena. 16th, Mary Jane, Winter, for the Cape ; and Resource, Shuttleworth, for New South Wales. Front Liverpool, July 15th, Lady Douglas, Ramsay, for Bombay. Spoken.—Newton, from London to Batavia, 12th May, 35 south, 17 east. Baha- mian, from Liverpool to Bengal, 17th May, 19 south, 28 west. H. C. Ship Lord Lowther, from London to Chinn, 26th Slay, on the Equator, 21 west. George, fruit Liverpool to the Cape, 29th May, 5 north, 20 west. Sir Joseph Banks, from London to Mauritius, 1st June. 8 north, 25 west. Tam O'Shanter, from London to Beriga1;14th July, 49 north, 9 west.