17 JULY 1830, Page 13

NEW FACINGS—The costume of the Navy is to be altered.

Red facings are to be substituted for white, and blue trowsers for the white inexpressibles which form at present full-dress uniform. Other facings, more prized by their owners, are to undergo as great a change. In the Army the real and false mustachios are to be cashiered, except in the Hussars. The Royal Dukes Cumberland and Sussex have already sacri. ficed the honours of their lips to the King's attachment for plain English -faces. This is perhaps the greatest achievement his Majesty could have performed. " My whiskers !—ask me to pull the Great Mogul by the nose —any thing but part with my whiskers !" said the German lover : but the command of a king is more potent than the solicitations of a mistress. Nothing is said of Prince Leopold—perhaps his hair is to be held sacred on account of its foreign growth.