17 JULY 1830, Page 18

In our next Number, we intend to clear off an

arrear in Music, and Short Notices of New Publications. It would, however, be out of place next week, to mention that the Mirror of this week gives the best sketches of Algiers and the Bay, that we have seen in any cheap publication. The Pulpit of this week contains Sermons by the Rev. T. Mortimer, the Rev. G. Croly, and the Rev. C. W. Le Bas. The first is a discourse on the death of the late King, preached at St. Mark the Evangelist, Clerkenwell, on the 11th July : it is distinguished by fervent eloquence and piety. We have not read the others. We are afraid' B. A. will not find what he is looking for in the Library of Useful Inosokdge.. • The task he assigns us is rather out of the ordinary course of "business," but we shall think of it.