17 JULY 1830, Page 20


Tuesday, July 13.


DRAPE and NONE* Brighton, chinamarehonsenten—lIzat, GREEN, and CO. Birmingham, factors—BULL and BILLINGTON. Tarporier, Cheshire, timber- merchants—Br wyoN and PALMER, Fenchurch Street„tardwaremen—Wras cos and PALFRZYMAN. Sheffield, whitesmiths—Br. owl. Eden Grove, Holloway; and Paowsz Wenlock Street, St. Luke's, musilawnstrumencwariers.—szaara„ SMITH, and , d Co. Nottingham, corn-factors—Woos and Maims, Woodford, Essex, coal-merchants—TomeSON andCELADISS a s, Birmingham, tortoise-shell-workers—S. and L BOWSR, Old Jewry, wine-merchants—BUTT and BARNES, Southampton, house-agents—BERTar and GROVES, Houndsdltch, milliners—WAY, Brothers, Bridport Harbour, generalmerchants—KNArT ors and SKID m ores, London, wholesale stationers—J. and H, N. WI LLIAMS, Hastings, boot and shoe-makers—Los/nos/ and OR AYMER; Wardour Street, Oxford Street, upholsterers—WILLum SON, WEBSTER, and Co. Liverpool, ship-chandlers—HART, Brothers, Water Lane, Tower Street, wine-merchants—Pursues and Buss, Lancaster, land-agents—GAB.PORTH and BEDELL, Kingston-upon-Hull, attornies—BRADLEY and Co. Manchester—SPA-Raz End Co. Norwich, iron-founders—PALETHORP and HARvEY, Oxton,- Nottingham. shire, millers—CALLow and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-11)mm and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers—CAM and B soxsoms, Basinghall Street, Blackwell Hall factors—HAz ELDINE and DREW, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, manufacturers of portable gas—CLARE and Co. London; as far as regards J. W. Po weLL—LE wis and EASTBURN, Nenagh, Tipperary, and Halifax, stovers—HUT. CRIMSON and CLARE, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, leather-cutters—GRovss and HUMrIDOE, Tewkesbury, linen-drapers—CRICHTON, TyzACK, and Co. North Shields, timber-merchants ; as fares regards A. Ca: caTosi—J ONES and Co. Friday Street, warehousemen—WATSON and Co. Glasgow, lithographic-printers; as far as regards T. HONORE..


ParssrLsv, JOSEPH, Halifax, stuffsnerihant, from July 27 to Aug. 18.



BARTON, THOMAS Bissarts, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, grocer, July 29, 30 August 24 : solicitors, Mr. Wolston, Furnival's Inn ; and Mr. Buttery, Long Row, Nottingham. BRIGGS, JAMES, Horsham, victualler, July 24, 27, Aug. 24: solicitors, Messrs. Palmer and Co. Bedford Row. CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS, Salsbury, Wiltshire, victuesr, August 6, 7, 24: soli- citors, Mr. Jones, John Street, Bedford Row ; and Mr. Bryant, Southampton. COOPER, THOMAS, East Dereham, Norfolk, merchant, July 29, 30, August 24 : solicitors, Mr. Ayton, Milman Street, Bedford Row; and Mr. Skipper, Bank, Street, Norwich. ELLIS, JOSEPH, Chester, brewer, July 27, 28, August 24 : solicitors, Messrs. Philpot and Stone, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury ; and Messrs. Flochett and Co. Chester. MASTERS, ROBERT, Nethercote, Warwickshire, grazier, July 22, 23, Aug. 24: solicitors, Messrs. Bleyrick and Cox, Red Lion Square ; and Mr. Roche, Daventry. NAGGINGTON, WILLIAM, Bliston, Staffordshire, victualler, July 22, 23, August 24: solicitors, Jessopp and Scarman, Forayers Inn ; and Mr. Goode Dudley. OFFoRD, WILLIAM, Colchester, Essex, cutler, July 16, 17, August 20: solicitor, Mr. Coombe, Tokenhouse Yard, Lothbury ; and Messrs. Church and Sons, Crouch Street, Colchester.

SAINTHILL, Jowl', Pickle-Herring, Tooley Street, French burr and millstone- merchant, July 20, 27, Aug. 24: solicitors, Messrs. Piercy and Oakley, Three Crown Square, Southwark.

Treats, HENRY, Maryport, Cumberland, ironmonger, Aug. 2, 3, 20: solicitors, Mr. Harrison, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street; and Mr. J. Thompson, Maryport. Tomes, EDWARD, Bicester, Oxfordshire, tea-dealer, July 20, 27, August 24: soli- citors, Messrs. Amory and Coles, Throgmorton Street. - TURNBULL, WALTER, Upper Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square, music-seller, July 23, 27, Aug. 24: solicitor, Mr. Edwards, Mitre Court, Fleet Street. TWORT, DAVID, Horsmonden, Kent, miller, July 20, 27, Aug. 24: solicitor, Mr. Hore, Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields.


Aug. 3, Scott, High Holborn, linen-draper—Aug. 6, Bumpus, Newgate Street, bookseller—Aug. 3, Wellevise, Crescent Place, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, milliner —Aug. 3, Hobley, James Street. Covent Garden, boot and shoe-maker—Aug. 10, Smith and Perrin, St. Martin's Lane, woollen-drapers—Aug. 4, Bates, Buxton, Derbyshire, innkeeper—Aug. 3, Stephenson, Manchester, ironmonger—Aug. 25, Benham, Poole, builder—Aug. 5, Paterson, Birmingham, grocer—Aug. 16, Smith, Reading, Berkshire, shoe-maker—Aug. 4, Lawton, Bottoms, Cheshire, clothier— Aug. 6, Cartwright and Langston, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, factors—Aug. 3, Garner, Ryton-upon.Dunsmore, Warwickshire, miller—Aug. 10, Wright and Davies, Liverpool, wholesale-grocers—Aug. 16, Goodchild, Reading, Berkshire, grocer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before August 3. Jotbam, Bradford, Wiltshire, clothier—Eales, Crawford Street, Marylebone, linen- draper—Elford, Sir W. Bart. Plymouth, banker—Kelsey, Bolton Row, Hanover Square, silk-mercer—Gibson, Great Sorry Street, Southwark, grocer—Tingcombe, Plymouth, banker—Nicholson, Hertford, scrivener.


GLOVER, WILLIAM, Leith, merchant, July 21, August 5. Ili‘DER311D, JOHN, Edinburgh, hosier, July 21, August 5.

THonsom, Dr. Joust, George's Square, Edinburgh, physician, July 14, 28.

Friday, July 16.


Timms and HALE, St. George's Row, Chelsea, grocers—E. and J. KIRK, Chick- sand Street, Whitechapel, dyers—WEST and BARTER, Poole, surgeons—NoRa;s and SANDER, Portsmouth, coachmasters—RICHARDSoN and CnERER, Chancery Lane—Jonssrom and Co. Bush Lane, merchants; as far as regards J. JCHINSTON —JOHNSON and HILL, Bankside, Southwark, coal-merchants — WHALLEY and WARTER, Aldgate High Street, wholesale cheesemongers—W. and J. M. COLEY, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, surgeons—SAY and GR Res:HILL, Bury Street, St. James's, wax and tallow.chandlers—TANNER and Co. South Bolton, Devonshire, attornies- at-law ; as far as regards W. H. TANNER—ARTHUR and LOVITT, Manchester, packers—W. and R. TAYLOR, Manchester, dyers.


BURLS, CHARLES, Cateaton Street, merchant, July 23, 27, Aug. 27: solicitors, Messrs. Bennington and Crowther, Carey Lane, Foster Lane, Cheapside. GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM, otherwise GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM THOMAS, Brecon, linen-draper, Aug. 5, 6, 271. solicitors, Messrs. Jenkins and Abbott, New Inn. HAWKINS, JOHN, Easton, Southampton, grocer, July 13, 31, Aug. 27 : solicitors, Messrs. Tilbury and Wood, Falcon Street, Aldersgate Street. MARSHALL, WILLIAM, Manchester, hosier, July 23, 24, Aug. 27: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford Row.


Shad Thames. Horsleydown, stone-merchants, July 20, 30, Aug. 27: solicitors, Messrs. Seward and Waterman, Staple Inn, Holborn.

NOwLAND, MARY ANNE, Liverpool, feather-dresser, Aug. 14, 17, 27: solicitors, Messrs. Bettye, Fisher, and Sudlow, Chancery Lane. ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Burford, Oxfordshire, corn-dealer, July 23, 24, Aug. 27: solicitor, Mr. Umney, Chancery Lane.


PETER, and SPURBIER, WILLIAM JOB- BER. Poole, merchants, July 23, Aug. 3, 27: solicitors, Messrs. Symes, and Weston, Fenchurch Street.


Aug. 13, Anderson, Philpot Lane, merchant—Ang."6, Keer, Southend, Essex, linen. draper—Aug. 6, Beville, Pall Mall. tailor—Aug. 6, Scott, Cateaton Street, ware- houseman—Aug. 6, Buckland, jun. Shaftesbury, draper—Aug. 6, Jackson and Beau- mont, Great Eastcbeap, cutlers—Aug. 6, Godwin, Strand, bookseller—Aug. 6. Davis, Pinner, Middlesex, baker—Aug. 6, Giroux, St. George's Circus, Southwark, music-seller—Aug. 6, Coppock and Cross, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, silk-warehouse- men—Aug. 6, Wisedale, Friday Street, ironmonger—Aug. 6, Fox, Church Court, Clement's Lane, Lombard Street, drysalters—Aug. 6, Eamlen, M'Niven's Coffee- house, Gilbert's Passage, Clare [Market, cook—Aug. 6, Chapman, Boughton Mal- berbe, Kent, dealer—Aug. 6, Forrest, Kilbourn, Middlesex, oilman—Aug. 9, Blown, Norwich, corn-merchant—Aug. 11, Hammond, late of Eye, Suffolk, victualler—Aug. 9, Wallace, Manchester, wine-merchant—Aug. 16, Roberts, Churwell, Yorkshire, woolstapler—Aug. 6, Tessimond, Leek, Staffordshire, silk-manufacturer—Aug. 11, Hodgson, Manchester, merchant—Aug. 7, Heslington, sen. York, grocer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Aug. 6.

Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, hatter—Roobard, Kensington Gravel Pits, brewer- Grobety, Newbury, Berkshire, common-carrier—Wheeler, Cheltenham, white- smith—Smith, Grove Cottage, St. John's Wood, builder—Elkington and Geddes, Birmingham, dealers—Walker, Allen Street, Carlisle Lane, Lambeth, dealer-- Hyslop, Tokenhouse Yard, and Kingston, Jamaica, merchant—Wilkinson, Liver. pool, ironmonger—Searle, Lombard Street, bill-broker.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATION. 34)/38RT LAINO, Edinburgh, grocer July 21, Aug.4,