17 JULY 1830, Page 6

and the King approved of the designs of the three

new seals for the Secretaries of State. His 31ajesty was much cheered on his arrival and departure. His Majesty seems resolved to encourage those demonstra- tions of attachment : it is said to be his intention to visit the Parks on foot, as was the practice of George the Third when a young man. It is expected that Somerset House will be honoured with a visit during the course of next week ; and that the Opera will be similarly favoured during the stay in town which the levees—now fixed for the 21st and 28th, and'4th of August—will render necessary. London will not be deserted until a very late period of the season ; so that the end of summer pro- mises some c mpensation for the beginning. In the end of August the

. King and Queen go to Windsor; and in November, it is said, they will go to Brighton,—though such distant arrangements must be subject to

contingenciet. The various charities patronized by the late King will be equally patronized by the present. " I shall do that much," were his words on this subject, " if not more." His Majesty has conferred on his consort, along with the Rangership, the [louse in Bushy Park, so long his favourite residence. .Among the appointments of the week, are those of the Duke of Buckingham as Lord Steward, the Earl of Fowey as Lord Chamberlain, Earl of Belfast as Vice-Chamberlain, Marquis Cholmondeley as Groom of the Stole. The Marquis will also officiate for his mother as Deputy Chamberlain ; which office has been vacated . by Lord Gwydyr, who held it for his mother, Lady Willoughby de Eresbv. The office is hereditary.

RUMOURS 'WANTING CONUIRMATION.—" It is said, in the higher circles," that the Marquis of Lansdowne is to succeed Sir R. Peel as

Secretary of the Home Department, and that the Honourable Baronet will take the Chancellorship of the Exchequer, vice Mr. Goulburn ; Mr. Huskisson to succeed Mr. Herries ; and Lord Palmerston to resume his situation at the War-Office.

EasT Lama HOUSE. —A special General Court of Proprietors of East India Stock was held yesterday, to consider of all address of condo-

lence on the death of the late King, a::d of congratulation on his present Majesty's accession. -Mr. Astell, the Chairman, eulogized the virtues of the deceased Monarch, and expressed his confident hope and belief that his successor would watch over and protect the various interests of this great empire. He then moved an address in terms of the requisition. Mr. R. Jackson, in seconding the resolution, took occasion to expatiate on the very extensive privileges which were granted to them, as a trading company, by William the Third. If the Legislature refused to renew their present charter, they might still, by applying their resources and their energies to those channels of commerce to which the act of William the Third gave them access, become the greatest trading company in the world. Mr. Jackson expatiated on the many virtues which adorned the character of Queen Adelaide, and expressed the happiness he felt at the prospect of the good and cheerful days of George the Third and Queen Charlotte being renewed. He hoped again to see the Court, as it was in those days, the resort of all the virtue, beauty, and fashion of England. 111r. Poynder, Mr. Twining, and General Thornton also supported the address ; which was carried unanimously.