17 JULY 1915, Page 1

The speed of the Italian advance both in the Trentino

and on the Isonzo has slowed down, as was inevitable when the Austrians brought fresh troops into line. In spite, however, of the greater volume of Austrian resistance, the Italians have been doing distinctly well, and it is by no means improbable that very soon after these pages are in our readers' hands they will hear of the fall of Gorizia. Indeed, a communica- tion from Budapest published in Thursday's Morning Post, though suggesting that there have been great Italian losses and insisting that the recent fighting has been unfavourable to the Italians, states that the civil population of Gorizia have been advised by the authorities to leave the town without delay. From this it would seem that military evacuation is near. News as to the Italian operations in the Trentino has not been distinct, but there is no reason to suppose that things are going anything but satisfactorily in this region. Should it come to a case of loggerheads in the Alps as elsewhere, the Italians will have the great satisfaction of knowing that their trench-lines are all on enemy soil.