17 JUNE 1955, Page 15


SIR,—I write to protest about the inaccuracy of your correspondent's figures with regard to MPs in the new Parliament who were educated at Oxford. It makes one wonder if his other figures were equally inaccurate. The following are the real Oxford figures, with Mr. Dale's figures given in parenthesis:

The total number educated at Oxford was 140 (92), compared with 96 at Cambridge (62). Christ Church produced the largest number, 28 (19), with Balliol second with 24 (17),

Magdalen third with 21 (18), Ncw College fourth with 19 (12), followed by Trinity 11 (6), Oriel 6 (3), Merton and Brascnose 4 (3 and 2), St. John's 3 (3), Keble and Jesus 2 (2), and Lincoln, St. Catherine's and LMH I (1). He did not mention University with 4, Hertford with 3, Wadham with 2, Queen's, Somerville and St. Hugh's with I, nor the 10 MPs from Ruskin College, and 1 from the Catholic Workers' College and Nuffield College.— 13 Museum Road, 0Aford