17 JUNE 1955, Page 25


It always seems an upside-down world when one gets news of the seasons from the southern hemisphere. Here Welsh mountain sheep have been back for some time from their lowland grazing, enjoying the sweeter grasses and herbs of the hills in which they will remain for several months. A letter from an Australian correspondent, Mr. Max Henry, of Chatswood, NSW, tells of the process in reverse in May. 'Autumn has for many years witnessed the movement of the sheep and cattle from the higher mountain ranges down to the winter pastures on the slopes and plains,' he remarks. The actual date of movement depends on the fall of the snow, which within limits varies from year to year. It may sound queer to find cattle movements in Australia dependent on snowfalls.' Before November our sheep will be coming down from the hills while the Austra- lian farmer, anticipating summer, will have taken his flock back to the high ranges.