17 JUNE 1955, Page 7

Medical Intelligence

VR-R-RUNCH I They can forget that "bad teeth" bogy now.' —Chapman Pincher. Daily Express, May 6.

`THE INCIDENCE of dental disease is very high . . . most young children suffer from decayed teeth.'—Ministry of Health memorandum, June 12. `UNDOUBTEDLY one of the main causes of the increase in dental decay is the greatly increased consumption of sweets:— Ministry of Health, ibid.

`AFTER TESTS lasting two years the council's doctors now report That eating sugar in any form does not make children's teeth decay.'—Chapman Pincher, ibid.

'A LARGE-SCALE study carried out in Sweden over a period of six years showed conclusively that when sugar is given between meals there is an increase in dental decay.'—Ministry of Health, ibid.

`Now IT IS no longer safe to try talking your youngsters out of licking too many lollipops by bringing up the bad tooth bogy.'—Chapman Pincher, ibid.

`THE REAL MENACE of sweets from the dental point of view is the constant sucking of lollies.—Ministry of Health, ibid.