17 MARCH 1832, Page 12

Cc THE LITTLE Brris." — These nice little prgjets have appeared in

the Daily Papers since our last publication. The Antis, ashamed of their Mock Reform, have now the effrontery to deny the charge of originating it. We pledge ourselves thatotlipBills were cautiously circulated, by the most important, though moStittOknied member of the Opposition ; that they were given to many members of Parliament ; that many were sounded on their merits, particularly on the franchise. The Bills were .printed by Davison. Let the barrister (the Deputy Recorder of a great Boroughmonger's Corporation) who is said to have drawn, or " perused and settled" them, conic forward and avow himself, and give the names of those who employed him ! The Morn- ing Post charges the Reformers with the fabrication. We charge the Anti-Reformers with abandoning their own illegitimate offspring, and placing them as foundlings at our doors.