17 MARCH 1832, Page 12


Arrived at Deal, March 14th,—H. C. S. Thames, Forbes. from China ; at St. Helena, previous to the 28th January, the H. C. ships Duke of Sussex, 'Whitehead ; Farquhar-

son, Cruikshank ; Repulse, Gribble ; Lady 'Melville, , and Vansittart, Scott— all from China ; Atlas, Hunt, from Mauritius; Vesper, Brown, from Bombay ; Meta, Gaskell, from London; and Frances Charlotte, Coghlan,- from Madras ; at the Caiie, 10th January. Triumph, Green; Severn, Braithwaite; and Britannia, ,allRens tendon ; at Madras, 4th October; Lord W. Bentinck, Hutchinson; and Sophia, Thorn- hill—from London ; at Singapore, 30th November, Runnymede, Wildridge, from China.

Sailed from Gravesend, 10th March,—The II. C. ships Charles Grant. Manderson, fur Madras, Bengal, and China ; Reliance, Timmins. for ditto; and Aberctornbie Robinson, Inns, for Bombay and China ; from Liverpool, 9th March, Earl of Liverpool. Manning, for Singapore ; and 10th, Hiudoo, Pinder, for Bengal.