17 MARCH 1832, Page 12


21, Paternoster Row, 1 Ith March. 21, Paternoster Row, 1 Ith March.

Sta—May I beg the &your of being absolved from, an imputation affixed upon me in your notice of my Seriptnrc Natural Histury, which I am extremely anxious to eseapo from—i. r. of being the author of the " Pennv Papers ;" by which I undergtand, as does the public generally, the Pear Man's Guardian. Not only have I never been connected with these papers, but I have. publiely and privately,orally and by the press, depreca tea their violent tone, and protested against the foolish and mischievous diameter of many

of the doctrines put f■ ref I, in their pages. I have certainly written two or three articles for their pages. but they were only in self-dean= against a virulent attack of Mr. Heratr HUNT, M.P. anti some of his friends, who chose to make these papers tin: me- dium of their communications. I can confidently appeal to the readers of say puldica- thins. however, in proof of the fact, that my object has ever been to impress upoa 1!:e minds of the working classes, iu opposition to the Puor 31an's Guardian. that knee ledge awl moral power, and not violence or Irate force, were the only means they culthi see- cyst:Mt-, employ in the pursuit of political and social happiness.

Set ere illness will plead lay apology for this scrawl. Your obedient servant,


[We willingly give Mr. CARPENTER'S appeal a place. His un- stamped Political Letter MILS a fonrpenny paper. We only through in- advertence confounded it with the Penny Papers; whose fallacies, we perceive from his Address to the Working Classes, does combat, and, we feel bound to add, ably.]