17 MARCH 1832, Page 12



Three per Cents. closed on Saturday at 83h 1.1, and Exchequer Bills at 8s. to 98. premium, after a day of considerable activity. Bargains in New Dutch Five per Cents. were also effected the same day, as high as Sq. The advance of Consols was maintained on Monday; on Tuesday the news of the Ancona affair produced a slight stagnation, which, however, was not great. Altogether, the prices during the week have been very nearly uniform. Consols close to-day at 834 4. In Exchequer Bills there is no alteration. There has been con- siderable business in Foreign Stocks during the week, particularly Dutch. The 2:1 per Cents. were at one period as high as 44, but fell on Tuesday to 42.

The Stock Exchange Committee are engaged in considering the conduct of two of their members, charged with an attempt to vitiate Wettenhall's List by procuring the insertion in it of bargains not formed in the House; the penalty is expulsion.

The 21st will be a close Holyday, not only in Bartholomew Lane, but in all the public offices. All bills due on that day are payable (by the 7th and George IV. cap. 15.) on the 20th, and may be noted and protested for non- payment if not then paid.


Bank Stock . — - 3 per Cent. Red. — - Brazilian Chilian 441

16 17

Spanish 131 141 Ditto New 13t I

3 per Cent. Consols 831 Columbian 11* 12*

Consols for Acct. 831 * Danish 67 1- snaues.

31 per Cent. New 91 * Greek 28 29

Bolanos 130 140

Long Annuities — — Mexican

31 #

Brazilian 33 40.

Ex.Bills,1000/. 8s. 9s. pm. Peruvian

Columbian India Bowls 2s. to ls. ills. Portuguese 49 50 Anglo Mexican .. 9 11 India Stock Russian


United Mexican . 41 1 .

SATURDAY KOON.—Consols for Account, 831.