17 MARCH 1832, Page 2

Peerages to which only doe Heir exists, who has either

no issue or only issue female, with the Relationship of the said Heirs to the present Peers.

Titles and Relationship. Ages. • Number. Carteret, b.—Sydney, u.—Lake, b.—Dorset,

Be} tween 50 and 60. .... 7

L.—Thanet, b.—Bassett, d.—Selsey, L. Carrington, s. —Camden , s.—Mt. Edge umbe, s. s.—Breadalbane, s.—Stowell, s.—

Between 32 and :424 .... 10

Rawleigh, s.—Auckland, b.—Arden, b.— Leicester, b. Northwich, L.—Amherst, s.—Oxford, s.— Tankerville, s.—Morley, s. —Stuar t, Barony (Londonderry)—Rosslyn, s.—Colchester, L. Between 32 and 22. 11 —Wilton, b.—Brodrick, s.—Falmouth, s

(but other heirs to the Viscounty)

Combermere, s.—Canning, s.—Maynard, s.— Abercorn, b.—Cornwallis, s.—Lindsey, b.

Under 20 & above 10. ... 11

—Rivers, b.—Oakley, s. f—Manners, s.— Crewe, s.—De Tabley, b.

Durham, s.—Somerbill, s.—Ribblesdale, 3.- e

Und r 10.

Galeria, s. f —Dormer, s.—Moore, a. * To these titles may be added that of the Earldom of Egremont, the present pos- sessor of which is above eighty ; his brother, heir apparent, is seventy-five, and his seithew (the last remaining male capable of inheriting) is nearly fifty, and without children.

The heir to the Barony of Oakley is also the only heir, after his father, to the Earldom of Cadogan. t The heir to the Viscounty of Goderich is the only heir, after his father, to the Earldom of De Grey and Barony of Grantham.

No notice is taken of the minor titles which are merged in those mentioned in the above list, and which will become extinct at the same time.