17 MARCH 1832, Page 20

Miss L. SHARPE'S Juliet makes a very attractive print in

the excel- lent mezzotint of BROMLEY; but the fair artist has not been more successful in delineating a Juliet than was Miss F. CORBEAUX. Miss. L. SIIARPE is a mistress of her art, and in pictures of domestic life she displays both feeling and power : to that class of subjects we would counsel her to limit herself; there is in them a wide range for the exer- cise of her skill in depicting expression and natural character, which is not shown in the present more ambitious attempt.

A coloured engraving of Anna Boleyn, being a fac-simile of a picture by HOLBEIN, is a quaint, though doubtless a faithful portrait of that ill- fated beauty. The dress is remarkable for its chaste splendour and richness : it consists of a robe of cloth of gold, adorned with pearls, the ample sleeves slashed with crimson ; and a black velvet cap enriched with gold and pearls. The figure is relieved against a blue background, which produces a beautiful effect.