17 MARCH 1832, Page 20


THE Second Part of the Landscape Illustrations of Lord Byron's Works is in every iespect equal to the first. Besides the vignettes of Constan- tindple' and the Palace of Ali Pacha, which have appeared in the volumes themselves, we have a portrait of Ali ; it portrays him as a vigorous old man, with a fine manly face, handsome features, and a severe expression ;

" But in whose lineaments ye may not trace

' The crimes that brand his name, and stain him with disgrace."

The four other views are from sketches by W. PAGE ; the refined ore of whose talent STANFIELD has wrought up into finished produc- tions of great beauty. The group of boats in the view of Corfu is a picture in itself. Lisbon, from Fort Almeida, which is situate on a rock on the opposite shore of the Tagus, is a strikingly bold and effec- tive scene. The Franciscan Convent, where Lord BYRON resided at Athens, possesses an interest beyond that of the picturesque building itself, whose walls are built up against that most elegant example of Greek taste in ornamental architecture, the Charagic Monument of Lysicrates. The Temple of Jupiter Olympus at Athens, with the Acropolis in the background, is not so effective as it might have been, which appears to be the fault of the engraver : the clouds are very hard, and the plate does not do justice to the grandeur of the subject. .

The popularity of the Landscape Illustrations of SCOTT'S Novels and BYRON'S Poetry, and the success of Mr. MARTIN'S scenic Embellish- ments of MILTON and the Bible, have, we suppose, suggested to an enterprising publisher the idea of engaging STANFIELD and ROBERTS, the scene-painters, to illustrate the Scriptures. We dare say the speculation will be equally successful ; and with a view to render it so, we would recommend the extension of the idea, which we think a most ingenious one. When authors cannot raise their minds to the height of their subject, they contrive to lower it to their own level. This is the case with painters also; and the enterprising publisher has resolved that the artists shall have an opportunity of giving full scope to their genius in this respect. Indeed, we now open our eyes to the extent of our loss, owing to this plan not having been adopted earlier. MORLAND, for instance, who was unrivalled in painting pigs, should upon this principle have painted the miracle of the Devils cast into the swine. On the same principle, STANFIELD, being a marine painter, might give us. a view of the Ark, showing its build with technical accuracy ; and the Disciples being fishermen, he will be quite at home with them. How could RAPHAEL think of painting the disciples of Christ, when he could not draw one of their boats correctly ? STANFIELD also, in con- junction with ROBERTS, will probably give us Landscape Illustrations of the Holy Land ; which will be the more original, as neither of the artists have ever visited Palestine. GANDY should be engaged to sup- ply a ground plan, elevation, and perspective views of Solomon's Temple. MARTIN would furnish a Tower of Babel, consisting of an interminable series of ascending stories ; and a Jacob's Ladder, with an equally infinite number of rounds. TURNER would revel in the terrors of Mount Sinai, and the mysteries of the, Revelations. EDWIN LANDSEER would paint a glorious Animal Creation, and the entry into the Ark. He would also give us portraits of Tobit's Dog, and Balaam's Ass, &e. ; and his skill in painting sheep would be in fre- quent requisition. LANCE would paint the Ark of the Tabernacle, the. Golden Candlestick, the Molten Sea, and the Golden Calf to perfec- tion. In case either of these artists should feel any diffidence about. introducing figures, it would only be necessary to bargain with HAYDON, Errv, -BRIGGS, and HILTON, for a few gross of Warriors, Angels, Prophets, Patriarchs, Alen' Women, Children, and Cherubs, " upon the lowest terms," in order that the expense of these accessories might not interfere with the liberality necessary to be shown to the principal. artists employed in this grand design ; or young Woon might take the contract to supply the lot at second-hand. A good opportunity will be afforded him of exercising his skill in adapting, by the exhibition, shortly to be opened at Exeter Hall, of paintings by the Old Masters, illus- trative of Scripture History.