17 MARCH 1832, Page 3

Accounts have been received of the safe arrival of Don

PEDRO'S squadron at St. Michael's on the 22nd February: this course he had probably been compelled to take by the gale which occurred off Terceira on the 18th. No damage appears to have been sus- tained by any of his vessels.

Don MIGUEL has raised two new regiments, which he has named the 1st and 2d Regiments of Death,—because, we suppose, Sin was their parent.

It seems that FERDINAND, as a pledge of his intentions to keep the peace, has ordered all Spaniards in the service of Portugal to quit it immediately. The army of observation, a letter from Ma- drid of the 1st instant says, is very small. MiGuer. has assured his uncle, that he needs not fear PEDRO—he will have the fate of TORRIJOS.