17 MARCH 1832, Page 9

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The Bishop of Chichester is to preach before the House of Lords, and the Reverend Dr. Allen, Rector of Battersea, before- time House • of Commons, on the day of the General Fast.

The Bishop of London has sent a circular to his clergy, recommending, them to make collections in their different churches on the :list instant

for the poor. •

It is said that the different • Political Unions of London mean to distribute meat on the fitst-day to the poor, in order to change the day into a feast, and then to march, ni four divisions, from the place of union (Finsbury Square), and dine at four outlets of the town f— Times.

[We wonder that the Political Unions do not perceive that the times of " blowing triunpets in the street" has now passed away. Even the .

The total sum recovered by Mr. Hewit and his partner, in actions for the plaintiffs and defendantsfor they were alternately for both—Was 87/. Os. 2d; the total expenses 1,722/. Is. '2d. Mr. Hughes has replied to this. statement, because he says he will not pass by facts, though he may disregard argument; and his reply admits all the filets which Ile replies to.

A meeting of the Bethnal Green Benevolent Institution was held on. Monday night, at the Salmon and Ball tavern, Bethnal Green

Road, for the purpose of finally completing the arrangements necessary for insuring the success of the establishment. A letter was read from Sir John Conroy, announcing that the Duchess of Kent had acceded to the request made to her to become patroness of the institution. A sub-

scription of 104 was received from the Earl of Munster in aid of time association. An allusion being made to the 2,0001. advanced to the

parish by Government, Mr. Luff, a district surgeon, stilted that it was to he applied exclusively- to the lessening of the immense number of persons who were inmates of the workhouse.

A Court of Directors was held at time Eat India House on Monday; when the following commanders took leave of the Court previous -to

departing for their respective destinations,—Captain Andrew Frederick Proctor, Windsor, for St. Helena, Prince of Wales Island, Singapore, and China; and Captain Timothy Smith, London, China direct.

Mr. Stapylton was on Saturday enabled to undergo the fatigue of ' being removed to apartments near the Regent's Park.

We noticed lately an instance of Magisterial complaisance, in respect of a young lady charged with beating and abusing her servant, .because the servant had interfered to prevent the lady from abusing herself. On Wednesday, the lady—whose name, it seems, is • Davenport— appeared at Marylebone Police-office. Elizabeth Godfrey, the ser- vant, stated, that about a month ago, her mistress was about to commit suicide with a pair of scissors, as her friends had prevented her from marrying a green-grocer. She prevented her ; and her mistress turned her rage upon her, and inflicted several wounds on her. She threw her down and trampled on her. . A surgeon gave his opinion. that some of the girl's ribs were broken. A Mrs. Bolton stated, that she was present when the scuffle occurred between Miss Andrews (now Mrs. Daven- port, but not the lady of the green-grocer, as originally contemplated) and the complainant, who, in taking the scissors from her mistress, had her fingers cut, and accidentally fell down. Mrs. Davenport did

chimney sweeps are grown ashamed of such childish display.] - At the King's levee on Wednesday, the Recorder made his report of the prisoners capitally convicted last Old Bailey Sessions ; all of whom his Majesty was graciously pleased to respite during pleasure, except George Athea, for stealing in a dwelling-house, whose case remains for further consideration.

Upwards of 2,000 declarations have been made to the Churchwardens of St. .George's, Hanover Square, in favour of the new Vestry Act: We believe the declarations at, St. James's in its favour amount to about 1,300. • •

A numerous meeting of Alderman Scales's friends took place on Monday night, at-the Bell, in Church Row, Aldgate, for the purpose olagreeing to certain resolutions, framed with a view to relieve the Ward from its present mock representation. The Alderman read a curious account of Mr. Huglies's exploits when Attorney Hewit, which had been published by the order of the Surry _Magistrates.. It seems, Mr: Hewit was the attorney in a number of actions brought against the hundred for windows broken in the Borough by the mob during the entry of the late Queen Caroline. The following is the statement of five of them—

Sum to be recovered.

£3 3 0

2 15 9

2 7 0

2 0 6

1 16 9 Costs.

£68 7 0 72 4 3 (6iti 1:93 60

72 13 3

not trample on her. Mr. Hoskins said the broken ribs were still un- explained, and ordered Mrs. Davenport to find bail.

About a quarter of an hour before five o'clock on Tuesday morning, Tritton's brewery, at 'Wandsworth, Surry, was discovered to be on fire ; and before it was possible to extinguish the flames, the whole of that part of the building designated the copper-house was entirely destroyed. The exterior of the copper is now exposed to the gaze of the traveller ; and the whole range of that portion of the premises are reduced to a heap of ruins. The present proprietors, it is said, but recently became possessed of the establishment; for which they gave 140,0001. The fire originated in the steam-engine department of the brewery. When the parish fire-engine arrived at the premises, it was rendered useless, in consequence of some villains having cut the hose. On the arrival of the firemen of the Phcenix Assurance, and other offices, their efforts were much impeded by a set of fellows, who fell to drinking the porter on the premises. The property is said to be insured.

On Thursday last week, a young man named Scott, of Stamford Street, Vauxhall Road, procured an ounce of arsenic at a shop in Brewer's Green, and swallowed it at a publichouse in Titchfield Street. He was attended by Mr. Hastings of Vauxhall ; to whom he said that he poisoned himself in consequence of a disappointment in love, and had no inclination to live. He died on Sunday night.