17 MARCH 1832, Page 9

ne Court.

'On Wednesday, the King came to town to hold a Levee. The fol- lowing are the presentations on the occasion—

Attorney-General of Malta.' fantry, by his father. Lord Torpichen, by Capt. the Hon. IL Rear-Admiral Sir C. Paget, on being op- Mr. E. V. Neale, by Lord Bexley. phis Order. SirW. Heygate, on being Created a Baronet. Mr. Thornhill, Director of the East India Mr. T. Phillips, Professor of Painting in the Company.

Mn J. Loch, M.t., Director of the East the Secretary at War. India Company. ' - Col. Sir W. Cox, by Viscount Beresford. Licut-Gen. Lord Howard of Effingham, on Lieut: Col. Falconer, to take leave, on his

being appointed Col. 3c1 Foot. return to his regiment in Jamaica.

Mr. C. E. Prescott, Director of -the East Col. G. Pennington, on being nominated to India Company. the honour of C.B. Limit:Gen. Sir W. Anson, on being created Capt. Aplin, R.N., by Sir 3. Graham. '

a Baronet. ' Maj. R. Carne, by the Rt. Ilon. C. Grant. Mr. Frost, topresent his Translation of the Capt. Hamilton, on promotion, by Col. Statutes of the Royal Guelphic Order. Keats.

Aichdeacon Bathurst, by his Grace the Lieut.-Col. Brown, by Lord F.:Somerset.

Mr. H. St. George Tucker, by the Bishop Bathurst. of Bath and Wells. Lieut. Pepyal, by Adjt-Gen. Savage. Mr. W. Wigram, by Sir R. Wigram, Bart. Capt. Parsons, by CoL Wood. Duncan, R.N. pointed Grand Cross of the Royal Cue).- Royal Academy. - Mr. E. Hobhouse, Coldstream Guards, by Archbishop of Canterbury. Capt. II.Bathurst, on his marriage, by Earl Lieut.-COL WomySs. Lieut. Jairds, aj.-G en. - almon.

Company, • Gen. Sir 11. Tayler. Mr. Planta, on his marriage, by Earl Ba. Capt. Orred, by Cot Tiimpest.

Mr. Mastermau, Director of the East India 1 empest Company. Lieut. Jones, by Sir II. St. Paul. Mr. Moore, by the Earl of Fingal. • E us. J. Doxat, by Lieut.-1; en. Sir H. Mr. Bradshaw, by Sir G. Seymour. Mr. Ramsay, M.P: for Stirlingahire, by Clpf. Walker, on promotion, by Cid. Neale.

Mr. Muspratt, Director of the East India Lieut. G. IL EtiwitYds, on appointment, by tharst.• • Ca0. Williamson, on appeihttment by Cot

After the Levee, a Council was held, in order to.receive the report of the Recorder.

It had been arranged, that a Drawing-room should be held on Thurs- day, and every preparation was made for the occasion. The Queen arrived in town about seven o'clock on Wednesday ; but in consequence of a message from ,Windsor, which followed her Majesty, she returned the same evening, and the Drawing-room was postponed. It appears that the young Princess Louise, her Majesty's niece, who has been long subject to a severe disorder, which has deprived her of the use of her limbs, became, on Wednesday after her aunt quitted Windsor, sud- denly and alarmingly worse. She still remains, we believe, in a very precarious state.

Others of the Royal Family have been suffering, but less severely. The Duchess of Gloucester is going on well. The Duke of Cumber- land has had a fever, from cold ; but is doing well. •