17 MARCH 1866, Page 2

The Government proposal for members' oaths—the substitution, that is, of

an oath of allegiance -for all others, -was carried on Thursday by a majority of 236 to 222. The Ministry made, how- ever, one concession, extending the oath-so as to cover the dynasty as well as the Sovereign, a rather imbecile precaution to secure a Protestant succession, -as the Royal caste always professes the faith agreeable to the people it rules. Mr. Disraeli's second wish, that the oath should declare a falsehood, namely, that the Pope bad no power within the United Kingdom, was.rejected. It - seems to be understood- that the. Bill will be permitted to pass the Lords, Lord Derby not wanting to fight the Catholic gentry of Lancashire on the point ; but the Bishops may insist on their right to enjoy the, pleasure of branding Catholics aainherently