17 MARCH 1866, Page 2

The New York Herald publishes some statements about Joseph Crele,

said to be the oldest man in the world, which if that journal were a little more trustworthy would .he of great interest. It states that the record of his baptism in 1725 -is-still kept in the Catholic church of Detroit, showing him to have been 141 years old when he died. .He was, _moreover- called a few years ago into Court to give evidence upon, claims, 80 years old, -as being notoriously the _oldest man in Wisconsin. His daughter, moreover, was seventy-two two .years .ago,, having been born when he was 69. He was a man of iron constitution, spare, and .an -inveterate maker, a habit seldorptinjurious to men who live-in the open air. He used to say he had voted for every.President of the. American Union, and complained that "Death had forgotten him." We cannot still avoid the suspicion that Crelo was one of the not um- frequent cases of a child named tafter a dead brother, which ,might strike twenty or thirty-years from his registered age.