17 MARCH 1866, Page 2

The returns of the Cattle Plague for the week ending'March

3rd show a considerable. reduction in the seizures, only 8,591 cases being reported against 10,167 in the previous week. This is after' adding the cases which ought to have been reported by defaulting inspectors. Mr. Hunt's Bill came back to -the Commons on Thursday so mutilated that he -declared it no child Of his, only eight clauses remaining out of fifty-four, and only one of them remaining-alit originally stood. On Sir George Grey promising to secure some of his ends by Orders in Council, Mr. "Hunt with- drewhis BM. It was stated on Tuesday byllr.Bruce thatProfes- sore Simonds and Brown were convinced by some experiments they had made that the rinderpest could be extended to sheep, but this is disbelieved in Scotland, and at all events the disease is not so easily communicated from one sheep to another.