17 MARCH 1866, Page 20


The Emotions and the Will. By Alexander Bain, M.A. Second Edi- tion. (Longmans.)--In this new edition of his elaborate work Mr. Bain has made extensive alterations. He has had the, benefit of Mr. Herbert Spencer's criticism, and yielded to some extent to that gentleman's argu- ments. We think that as he has recast the chapter on the "Emotions," he would have done well to adopt Mr. Spencer's classification, which he gives in the appendix, as it has the merit of greater simplicity than his own. He has, however, evidently been at great pains to keep up with the course of thought on these subjects, and especially on the connection between mind and matter, and states with great fairness his agreement or difference with the views of other writers that have been put forth in the interval between the two editions, The work originally com- manded general attention, and the careful revision that it has undergone has invested it with fresh interest.