17 MARCH 2007, Page 77

History lesson


‘One of the least edifying sights in Britain today is that of Douglas Hurd expressing his righteous anger over the war in Iraq ... ’ So begins one Roger Cohen’s rant in the International Herald Tribune under the heading ‘Globalist’. Some globalist. What I find much less edifying is Roger Cohen, presumably an American, giving us lessons on how to treat the Muslim threat to our Christian and enlightened way of life. Let me explain.

Cohen’s beef with Douglas Hurd is that he, as foreign secretary, was gutless while the Serbs were committing genocide against the Bosnian Muslims between 1992 and 1995. Hurd I do not know and the little I met of him I didn’t like. It was during a Speccie dinner at Christopher’s following our summer party. The sainted Frank Johnson was editor. I had just gotten into trouble with the Puerto Rican community in New York, and Rudi Giuliani was after me. Conrad Black had courageously rebuffed Giuliani, who had threatened a boycott of all Black newspapers unless Taki was fired, as had Frank. I was placed one away from Hurd at the dinner table and he gruffly asked me who I was. ‘Who are you?’ was my response. He did not like it, so Frank Johnson stepped in and introduced me as the Puerto Rican ambassador. End of story.

Cohen charges that Hurd and others contrived to turn the Bosnian war into a ‘perpetratorless crime in which all were victims and all more or less equally guilty’. He goes on to express his disgust in very strong terms, coming close at times to comparing the Serbs to the Nazis. He then praises Blair to the sky for having committed British troops to war five times. Bravo, Blair, says Cohen; boo to you, Cohen, says the Puerto Rican ambassador. You obviously need a short lesson in history, as do the rest of those neocon clowns in Washington think tanks.

Here at last is Taki’s definitive history of Muslim penetration of Christian Europe these last 1,300 years, and I advise Cohen to read it carefully because the drivel he learnt sitting on neocon knees back home is diametrically opposite to the truth. Before I begin, remember, dear readers, that we Westerners have for the past 500 years learnt to think of ourselves as anything but Christian. Pick up most history books or watch any history channel on TV and all you will read and hear about is European aggression against the Middle East and the crimes committed by Crusaders. There is nothing on the Muslim terrorism that preceded and provoked the Crusades, and the non-stop attacks of Islam against Christendom. Mehmed II took Constantinople in 1453, then turned against Belgrade in 1456. In the 15th century, only the Pope, a few brave Hungarians, Wallachians and the Serbs were willing to stand up to the Turks. The grotesque Venetians were supporting the Muslims with ships and moolah in order to safeguard their republic, not unlike the Saudis today. Mehmed attacked Belgrade with 150,000 troops. His guns were manned by Westerners Germans, Northern Italians and other Europeans, as his own men were too primitive to handle them. But Serbian archers wiped out the rabble, and after a very close and bloody fight the invaders were chased out and massacred. While Serbia, Constantinople and Hungary were under attack, England and France were fighting the Hundred Years War and the French Francis I even joined the Sultan Suleyman against Charles V in the infamous alliance of the Crescent and the Lily.

So far so bad. This French–Ottoman alliance not only prevented the Habsburgs from recovering the Balkans in 1683, it also aided Suleyman’s campaign to take Vienna and also receive Northern Italy as payment. Only the great Pole king Jan Sobieski put the kibosh on those plans by wiping out the Turks in front of the Vienna gates. Throughout all this, the intellectuals of the time were trying to re-establish paganism. Cosimo de’ Medici was among the leaders of that movement. Some of those dummkopfs even wrote to Mehmed advising him that as the conqueror of Constantinople he was the heir to Caesar and deserved the right to claim the Western Empire. The descendants of these dummkopfs are the ones who today use political correctness to stop the great Ancient Greek historian Taki from denouncing the Fifth Columnists among the Muslim population of Europe.

Charles Martel in Tours in 732, Don John in Lepanto in 1571, Jan Sobieski in Vienna in 1683 and Djuradj Brankovic, the Serbian Despot, in 1456 are the true European heroes who have saved Western civilisation. And, of course, Tamurlane, in 1402. The baddies are not the various sultans and Ottoman strongmen, but people like Bill Clinton and the grotesque Madeleine Albright, who bombed a Christian country for 75 days in order to establish an Albanian Muslim corridor in the middle of the Christian heartland of the Balkans in 1999.

Hurd was right when he blamed ancient hatreds and warring factions for keeping cool and detached in the Balkans. If anything, Blair and Bush should have attacked the Muslim infiltrators in Kosovo. Instead, they went and attacked the only secular state in the Middle East. We armed and trained bin Laden in Afghanistan. He was given Bosnian citizenship soon after, and when his gang went down to Kosovo and began to blow up 500-year-old churches, we bombed a European city on the gang’s behalf. Cohen should shut up.