17 MARCH 2007, Page 95

Q. May I pass on a tip to readers? Having

suffered from extremely thin hair for many years — not quite alopecia, just extremely thin hair through which my scalp was all too visible — I suddenly stopped shampooing it. After three months of using only water to clean my hair and no soap whatsoever, my hair is growing with a thickness and luxuriance of which I could previously only dream.

Name and address withheld A. Thank you for this useful tip, which is well known, ironically, to cosmetic specialists. One tells me, ‘The secret of virtually every single hair-loss cure on the market is very simple. If you use an oldfashioned pomade, which is mostly petrolatum, it will clog up the scalp and cause the hair to thin severely. Elimination of such pomades and daily shampooing will often cause dramatic regrowth. And that is the simple story behind 99 per cent of the successful hair-regrowth cures of the past.’