17 MAY 1879, Page 1


YAKOOB KHAN, who arrived at Gundamuk on Thursday, the 8th inst., was on Friday, the 16th, still remaining there. It was at first reported that he had agreed to all our terms, but as time went on, it was added that he had terms of his own, also, which the Envoy, Major Cavagnari, hesitated to accept. The Russians even affirmed that they knew these terms, and that they involved a territorial guarantee, a subsidy, and assist- ance in case of need. Nothing definite had transpired up to Friday evening, but as the Ameer must be most anxious to re- turn to his capital, and as Lord Beaconsfield on Thursday night prohibited discussion on Friday, because negotiations would still be proceeding, it is evident there is some serious hitch. We publish some speculations elsewhere as to the nature of this hitch, which most probably depends upon some demand made by Yakoob Khan; but it is quite possible, also, that the ar- rangements have to be forwarded to Livadia. There has been an under-current in all this matter of bargain between Russia and Great Britain, concessions being made by Russia in Asia, in return for toleration on the European side. The negotiations cannot, however, be protracted for ever, and by next Friday we ought to know whether we are only burdened with the hill clans, or with an advance upon the Afghan capital as well.