17 MAY 1884, Page 16



FULL many an embassy bath mortal man Sent to the skies. The glory and the grace Of classic temples, and the Gothic spires, Offerings of beauty, mystic, multiform, Earth's varied aspirations turned to stone That spoke, though silent. All save these have told The story of the senders. Hellas tells A message that reveals her people's heart, And hands down to the wondering centuries The story of her joyance and her faith In Beauty's deathless mission. The Christ creed Hath bid us see in carved symbols rare The graces of the saintly multitude, And Him who held all sainthood perfected In One God Manhood. Egypt in these piles Said all she had to say, and closed the page.

Her Offering is our lesson : "Hold thy peace, Nor let the world participate and mar The secrets thou shouldst keep for Heaven alone."