17 MAY 1884, Page 2

China has submitted. . M. Ferry to force the hand

of the Court of Pekin, .demanded an indemnity, and the Empress Regent, thus compelled to choose between peace and war, ordered Li Hung Chang to make the best treaty pos- sible. On May 11th, therefore, a treaty was signed at

Tientsin, containing four clauses only. In consideration of the withdrawal of the demand for an indemnity, China recog- nizes all treaties between France and Anam, cedes to France the protectorate of the whole kingdom, including Tonquin with its original frontiers, grants special sight of trade with Yunnan Kwangsi and Kwangtung, and engages to withdraw Chinese troops at once from Tonquin. The submission is complete, and M. Ferry has in fact conquered and annexed a tropical kingdom of 125,000 square miles and eleven millions of people. We have discussed this event elsewhere, but must mention here that it is believed to have greatly increased M. Ferry's influence in France. He will now, it is said, be able to give real trouble- in Egypt. That may be ; but we suspect he seeks colonies, not" condominium," and will use his power of being troublesome in Egypt to secure a free hand elsewhere. If the Sultan of Morocco reads telegrams, which is improbable, that of May 11th from Shanghai must have given him a cold fit. The world is so. closely bound together now, that the action of a Chinese Man- &trill on the Yellow River has certainly shaken and may have- destroyed an independent Mussulman kingdom in North-West Africa. Morocco is a magnificent State, bigger than France, with less than twenty poverty-stricken inhabitants to the- square mile.