17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

Lord J. Manners, in closing the Industrial Exhibitionnt Isling- ton

on Monday, spoke on the general progress of artiamongst British workmen, and on kindred matters. 500,000 persons have visited the Exhibition since it was opened, and -the numbers in Which the wives and children of exhibitors aecompanied them in the evenings showed the interest excited throughout the entire body of working men, and the extent to which their domestic- pleasures might be increased by similar institutions. Lord -John Manners was able, with very proper pride, to make a telling reference to the part he had taken in favour of the Ten Hours' Bill. One of the great arguments advanced against that measure was that the working men would make -no-good use of the leisure they would obtain through its operation. Such displays as the late Exhibitionare very triumphant answers. Lord John also mentioned that the demand for plants from the parks, which was 20,000 lost year, had this year risen to 50,000.