17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

Mr. Richard Hodgson, the Chairman of the North British Rail-

way Company, does not seem likely at present to come off with such flying colours as Sir Morton Peto. For one thing, Mr. Hodgson and his friends ,only possess 1,500,000/. worth of the stock of the railway, while his opponents posseas 5,000,000/. worth of proxies, which is a very different state of things to that shown in the London, Chatham, and Dover. Then, Mr. Hodgson has be- come ill with anxiety or other causes, and did not attend Wednes- day's special meeting, being detained by the state of his head at Retfords and of this weakness Sir Morton Pete has not been guilty. The meeting of the North British Company at Edinburgh caaried everything against Mr. Hodgson. The dividends declared on the preference stock were cancelled, and the Committee of Investigation's report carried,—only four of the former directors being retained.