17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 20


Elgin, and a Guide to Elgin Cathedral. By the Old Cicerone. (J. C. Hotten.)—The Old Cicerone is playing tricks on the public. Under the pretext of exhibiting his cathedral he is exposing his mind, and the contents of his mind would very considerably astonish any innocent folk who should be thinking about clerestories and arches, and entirely undesirons of revising their notions about religion and morality. Very freely does our author discuss these questions, and is certainly not "led away by puling sentimentality, or the fear of offending mawmish [? Scotch] delicacy." We should think that the discrepancy between the title-pago and the contents of the book might lead to unpleasant consequences. Intimation that in addition to the historical and anti- quarian matter, "some pious and religions thoughts" will be found in the volume is not calculated to prepare the reader for a discussion on gignological experiments or Oythera3an temples, nor will he be prepared to condone the deception on the ground of the excellent motives of the writer.