17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

De la Rue's Red-Letter Diary and Improved Memorandum-Book, 1867. De

in Rue's Improved Indelible Diary and Memorandum-Book, 1867. Bound in maga (large size), for gentlemen, and in gilt morocco, for ladies. De Its Rue's Improved Red-Letter Calendar, 187.—Mr. Da is Rue's pocket-books and. diaries for 1867 appear with thtir usual ele- gance and good taste. They leave nothing to be desired, either inside or out, and in addition to the usual and necessary contents we are pre- seated with a treatise on "star clusters," and a drawing of the constel- lation "Hercules," one of the most brilliant of the Star Clusters. It would be difficult to find scientific information, general usefulness, portability, and elegance more happily combined than in these little books.