17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

The First Man, and his Place in Creation. With an

Appendix on the negro. By G. Moore, M.D. (Longmans.)—Dr. Moore has written this volume to show that what is recorded in Scripture concerning the origin and destiny of man is in keeping with the demands of common sense and the principles of true philosophy. He has a great command of rhetoric, and is sufficiently acquainted with the technicalities of the sciences that are required for the consideration of the problem. But he seems to us to be totally devoid of the true scientific temperament, and to have entered upon the investigation rather with the fervour of a theologian than the compulsory fortitude of a philosopher. It may be disagreeable to have to accept the ape as an ancestor, and we sincerely believe that for the present we are at liberty to decline the relationship, in spite of the insinuations of the anatomists ; but nothing is gained by imputing motives to those who maintain the contrary opinion, and sneers in scientific controversy at "new and superior lights" are apt to recoil upon those that use them. Dr. Moore should understand that when, after the well known fashion of Mrs. Gnuidy, he expresses "a fear" that a distinguished opponent "has undertaken his researches, and assumed his character of seer and prophet, on the ground of a prejudice against Christianity," he merely destroys his own influence, and causes any one whose good opinion is worth having immediately to close the volume. He says in the appendix that it is as difficult to account for the negro, as for any variety of man upon the earth. If it is admitted that difficulties exist, it surely follows that inquiry is still necessary, and those who carry on the inquiry may fairly claim to do so without being exposed to personal attack. Dr. Moore is sound upon the. humanity of the negro, but he ought to know that he injures the cause that he espouses by the use of unfair weapons ; and that if he ob.00ses to take up the cry of " Odi profanum !" he will in these days assuredly be left virginibus puerisgue cantons.