17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

The Public School Latin Primer. Edited with the sanction of

the Head Masters of the Public Schools included in Her Majesty's Commis- sion. (Longmans.)—The pros and cons in relation to this important publication have been so fully discussed in the columns of the Times that little remains for us to say. We have but to record our conviction that it will eventually triumph over its opponents; that on disputed points the preponderance of authority is on the side of the editors, and that with regard to difficulties and so-called " barbarisms" it is hard to conceive any work up to the requirement of modern science that would not be open to similar objections. It will be the duty of instructors to smooth the way for their pupils ; and when this is judiciously done, we have no doubt that the latter will gradually grasp the new ideas and master the new terms, without any greater effort than it has always cost the youthful mind to realize the abstractions of grammar.