17 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 3

A report, appar-ently sprung from nowhere, and without visible significance

to the Stock Exchange, was circulating about London last night that the Prince of Wales had been thrown from his horse in hunting in Russia and killed. It 'WAS apparently with- out the slightest foundation. People say it was irivented for stock- jobbing purposee,-4--and that his death, on account of the pro- spect of a long minority, in ease the Queen should not survive her grandson, would have depressed the funds. It would have depressed the nation, but why the funds ? In the first place, the Queen is still young, and will most likely live to see her grandson come of age. In the next, a minority in England would be of no political consequence. Who would be less willing to take the security of the English Government because the King was a minor? It is clear that if these things do affect the funds, it must be because the funds wish for excuses for going down, as ladies sometimes do for tears. At all events, we hope and believe the story to be a silly invention.