17 OCTOBER 1914, Page 12

[To THE Eprros or THE " Srscrwrou.:] Sra,—In confirmation of

statements in the Spectator that the sympathy of Americans is with the Allies in the present war, I enclose an extract from a letter which I recently received from a firm of New York lawyers.—I am, Sir, &c., " Every American I know hopes that this war goes to a finish, and that Kaiser Billy and his Prussian military clique are made to realize that they can't run the earth. A nation which calls a solemn treaty which it has signed `merely a piece of paper,' and drops bombs from war balloons on Antwerp and its hospitals, and sacks Louvain, cannot expect any support or sympathy from this country, which always demands a square deal from everybody. You must lick these Germans thoroughly in this war, because if you don't it will be an everlasting disgrace to the other countries of Europe, and will put us to the necessity of licking them when they come over here to try and seize the Panama Canal and to go roughshod over the Monroe Doctrine."