17 OCTOBER 1914, Page 14


SIR,—According to Tuesday's Morning Post (p. 8, coL 3), the Army Order which was said to have been issued by the German Emperor, expressing contempt for our Army, would appear to have been an invention. You have attached credence to this Army Order having been genuine both in your issues of the 3rd and 10th inst., which arises, I suppose, from what you yourself pointed out in your article of the 3rd inst. on " The Third Person "—namely, that " men do tend to believe what they wish to believe." It looks as if that Army Order of the Kaiser's was as mythical as was the presence of those Russian soldiers in England.—I am, [According to the Morning Post's account, the denial of the authenticity of the Kaiser's Army Order was issued by Wolff's Bureau—an agency which has not a reputation for the highest veracity—and is only described as semi-official.—En. Spectutor.]