17 OCTOBER 1914, Page 2

We are glad to be able to report the capture

of the 'Emden's' collier. -On Thursday the Secretary of the Admiralty reported that H.M.S. ' Yarmouth ' (Captain Cochrane) had sunk the German Hamburg-Amerika Line steamer Markomannia ' in the vicinity of Sumatra, and had also captured and was taking into harbour the Greek steamer Pontoporos.' Both these vessels were colliers belonging to the enterprising German cruiser Emden.' The Yarmouth,' it appears, has sixty German prisoners of war on board, taken, we presume, from the Markomannia,' which was a vessel of four thousand five hundred and five tons. The Pontoporos ' is of similar tonnage. Both were English- built vessels. The Secretary of the Admiralty also states that the Australian Government reports the capture of a small German sailing vessel, The Comet,' which was found to have a complete wireless telegraph installation on board.