17 OCTOBER 1914, Page 21

Now that we all realize so keenly how much we

owe to the Navy, there ought to be many interested readers for Mr. F. T. Jane's excellent historical account of The British, Battle Fleet (S. W. Partridge and Co., 10s. net), which describes the evolution of our ships from the days of King Alfred to those of the super-Dreadnought, the submarine, and the seaplane. There are twenty-five reproductions in colour of Mr. W. L. Wyllie's spirited drawings, besides many other illustrations.—Mr. Jane also gives us a handy Naval Recognition, Book (Sampson Low, Marston, and Co., ls. net), with silhouettes of all British naval types.----We may also mention Sea Salt and Cordite, by Patrick Faux (Hodder and Stoughton, 2s. net), a collection of vigorous, if somewhat incoherent, stories of a naval war with Germany.