17 OCTOBER 1914, Page 21

READABLE NOVELS.—The Toy of Youth. By Eden Phillpotts. (Chapman and

Hall. 2s. net.)—A new and cheaper edition of Mr. Phillpotta's novel.—The Letter of the Contract. By Basil King. (Methuen and Co. 6s.)—A sincere attempt to analyse the emotions of a divorced couple. The story is clever, and covers an immense ground, but the matrimonial vagaries are so complex as to be unconsciously humorous.—Molly's Husband. By Richard Marsh. (Cassell and Co. 6s.)—The plot of this straightforward melodrama is too simple, its movement too leisurely, but now and then it is truly thrilling.—" Candytuft—I mean Veronica." By Mabel Barnes-Grundy. (Hutchinson and Co. 6s.)—A merry little farce, written on conventional lines, but with keen observation and drawing of character.