17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 1

The most flagrant example of an association putting party before

country in the constituency is at Darwen. No constituency should be ashamed of being repre- sented by a member with a long record so distinguished as that of Sir Herbert Samuel. In this crisis he has done fine work for unity. Compare it with Mr. Lloyd George's work. To preserve unity Sir Herbert has given more than he has taken. That the local Unionists should obstinately • oppose him is abominable. . Mr. Baldwin has, of course, warmly denounced such action against his old opponent and present colleague. Some of the baser Unionist Press naturally take the opposite line to the sensible and generous line of the Unionist- leaders. It is very stupid, too, for, as we point out elsewhere, the, presence of a substantial number of Liberal and National Labour members is essential to a government that claims to be " National." It is harder where personal feeling is strong as well as political. We suspect that there lies the reason for opposition to National Liberal in a Kentish division. He has been taking mischievous 'action in local affairs, offending Supporters Of honesty and Order ; but, still; we Saythat if the late member undertakes to support the National Government, he ought not to be opposed by other supporters at this election.

* * * *