17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 2

- • • * * *• * The Federal Structure

Committee of the Conference has been sitting again this week with Lord Sankey in the Chair, and has been chiefly concerned with finance. In the separate Round Table Conference for Burma we take a . special interest, having pointed out so long ago as last. June. that it was a reasonable plea that the Burmans put forward. The British delegates appointed to sit upon it were announced on Tuesday. Lord Peel will be Chairman ; Lord Winterton and Mr. Foot will be members, who by hard work already done for the Indian Empire have gained knowledge of Burma's hopes and needs. The unrest and violence which seemed to be dying down there in the summer is, unfortunately, still active in some parts where revolutionaries or bandits occasionally make murderous attacks on the villages ; but the people attacked are now defending .themselves much more vigorously, when troops or police are not on the spot. This is a good sign of more courage based on confidence in the Government and of a better and stronger public opinion against violence and disorder.