17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 30

* * * * The special autumn number of The

Studio, published at 7s. 6d., is this year devoted to Modern Photography. By

modem " photography, Mr. G. H. Saxion means photo- graphy whose aim is partly or wholly aesthetic as opposed to photography -which is merely documentary and repre- sentational." No one who has studied this collection of photographs by photographers of all nationalities can fail to recognize the fact that photography must now be acknowledged as a new art form. Sougez's ` The Window Pane," the Times photograph of " L.M.S. Express Northward Bound," Lewis W. Hine's " Empire State Building During Construc- tion," among others, illustrate in different ways the subtle

but satisfying character of this medium. It is not enough • to glance through this magazine in a dentist's waiting room (if you are lucky enough to find it there !), it justifies and amply rewards a careful study. -