17 OCTOBER 1931, Page 32

Finance Public & Private A Momentous Election wmi all respect

to the great British public, one is inclined to wonder how far the enlargement of the franchise has contributed to a well-ordered judgement and decision with regard to such issues as those which have to be determined at the forthcoming election. For, in the main, the problems with which the country is confronted are largely economic, and again, with all respect to the electorate, it is, perhaps, open to question how far the youth of both sexes to-day is interested in, let alone capable of forming a sound judgement upon, the matters which have shortly to be determined. It is, indeed, the profound ignorance of financial and economic principles on the part of the great mass of the community which for years past has given Socialist agitators opportunity for succeeding in their mischievous propaganda, with disastrous results to the whole country. Yet on the 27th of this month we shall have competent and incompetent voters alike flocking to the polls to register votes which must affect the well-being of the nation for many years to come.