17 OCTOBER 1941, Page 14

In the Garden Several spring crops can be sown in

late October or early Novem- ber, and are worth the gamble. Try early peas, for example, choosing a variety like Pilot, and sowing rather more thickly than in spring. Try sweet peas in the same way, and, of course, broad beans. All will be earlier, hardier and more vigorous than spring-sown crops, and will not suffer except in very severe winters. The quality of sweet peas from an autumn sowing is often astonishing. Hardy annuals too may be sown again fairly thickly, and again with a fair chance of early and vigorous results. Take rose-cuttings--eighteen- inch shoots or half-ripe growth—heeling them in in batches. Ramblers, wichuraianas and hybrid perpetuals will strike well. And

if you are planting new roses, try a dozen species. H. E. BATES.