17 OCTOBER 1998, Page 33

DIARY 1999

£14 Plain £15 Initialled

The Spectator 1999 Diary, bound in soft red goatskin leather, is now available. Laid out with a whole week to view, Monday to Sunday, the diary is 5" x 3". Initials (maximum of 4) can be embossed on the cover in gold if required.

Martin Vander Weyer visits provincial theatres. Simon Barnes sets the sporting scene for 1999. Simon Courtauld recommends the best country pubs to be found in Britain. Frank Johnson, Christopher Fildes, Matthew Parris, Alice Thomson, Kimberly Fortier and David Fingleton reveal their favourite restaurants. Auberon Waugh picks the best wines of 1998. Country house hotels have been chosen by Edward Heathcoat Amory and children video favourites by Mark Amory. In addition useful telephone numbers are listed covering the press, politics, theatres, and bookshops.

To reserve your diary for 1999 fill in the form and return it together with your cheque or credit card details to the address below. Payments are processed on receipt. Plain diaries will be despatched from end of September but please allow up to 2 weeks for initials.

There are only 3,000 Spectator Diaries available, so order now.

The Spectator Diary is available only from The Spectator.

TO ORDER ring the HOTLINE tel: 01732 743 732 Please send me Spectator Diaries with the following initials: C fl and/or plain diaries at a total cost of £ I enclose a cheque/PO for £ payable to 'The Spectator (1828) Ltd'.

UK diaries are £14 plain and £15 initialled (inclusive of postage & packing). Overseas diaries are £16 plain and £17 initialled (inclusive of postage & packing).

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